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We worship God each Sunday, in person and via live-stream at, at 10am (9:00am Memorial Day through Labor Day).  Come as you are with your questions, struggles, and imperfections.

Church School is the place where our children learn to have a heart for God, the world, and to care for each other; it is offered from age 3 to 7th grade during the 10am worship service.  In 8th grade we offer a confirmation class.

A church that is locally engaged, broadly inclusive, and deeply relevant is what we try to be—not just on Sunday mornings, but every day of the week.  We invite you to join us in trying to make our world and our community a better place!

Sunday Morning Worship            10:00 am
Summer Worship                         9:00 am

Confirmation Class (Mon)            5:00 pm

Tuesday Bible Study                     7:00 pm

Wednesday Bible Study                9:00 am

Adult Choir Practice (Wed)           7:00 pm               

Friday AA                                      7:00 pm

Saturday AA                                10:00 am

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Think church is irrelevant?  Sometimes it can be, so here we seek to ask real questions, give honest answers, and challenge one another to grow.

Think you need to know all the answers?  We hope not, because we certainly don’t have them all, but we believe there’s value in exploring issues that matter together.

Think church is too stuffy and boring?  It can be, so we embrace a sense of humor, believing that worship should be fun, and we offer a wide variety of musical expressions.

Think you won’t fit in?  You will.  Historically the United Church of Christ has been the first church to take a stand against slavery (1700), to ordain an African American (1785), to ordain a woman (1853), and to ordain an openly gay person (1972).  We are Open and Affirming and have a history of welcoming those others have turned away.  You’ll be welcome here.


Think it’s hard to journey through the world alone?  We do too.  So we join together to support each other no matter what we’re facing in life.

Think all churches are judgmental and hypocritical?  We’re not perfect nor do we claim to be.  We do our best.  We make mistakes.  And we support one another as we try to love alike even if we don’t always think alike.

Think you just don’t like church?  Many of us have felt the same way.  Many of us have vowed we’d never go back.  But we tried.  And we liked it.  And now we’re here—and we think you might find something refreshing here too.

What We Do Together

Together we have spent weeks in Maryland, Appalachia, Biloxi, Mississippi, and at home here in Tolland offering our love and support to those in need.

Together we offer food to residents of Tolland and the surrounding towns who are in need—no questions asked.

Together we organize a yearly peace and justice Sunday, believing that this is how Jesus taught us to live.

Together we offer a foundation for our youth and children to grow from, reminding them that they are loved as the unique individuals God created them to be, so that they can share that same love with the world.

Together we provide meals to those in need, rides to those unable to travel, help at home, and support to all those who need a prayer, a smile, or simply a little lift in their lives.

Together we offer hand-knit prayer shawls to those who have lost a loved one, had surgery, undergone a life change, lost a pet, or simply feel they need to be reminded that God’s love wraps them in a warm embrace.

Together we explore real questions of how faith and life interact and what that means for us during book studies and Faith on Tap sessions.

Together we offer services of healing and hope where we recognize the challenges of life and walk together through them.

Together we support the educational advancement of our youth through scholarships to colleges and summer camp.

Together we try to love our neighbors as ourselves, believing that Jesus called us to nothing less.

Who We Are

We are a congregation of over 700 members of all ages, from a variety of faith backgrounds.  We gather together to worship God, share fellowship, care for one another and creation, and to try and make the world a better place.

We are members of the United Church of Christ, a denomination that celebrates diversity, inclusivity, and has historically been on the forefront of issues of justice, inclusivity, peace and love.

What do we offer for children?  Every Sunday morning at 10am we invite our youngest attendees to join in the first 15 minutes of worship.  After hearing a message just for them, they leave for church school where those from age 3 to 7th grade are given an opportunity to explore their faith, ask questions, and learn more about how to make themselves better people and the world a better place.

What about the older and younger youth?  We have nursery care available for our youngest attendees, starting just before the 10am service.  We offer a confirmation class with our Pastors for youth in 8th grade—a chance to explore their faith on a deeper level.  For those in high school we offer opportunities to help with digital ministry, as an aide in church school, and much more.

Why do we fly the pride flag? 

Our church is open to, and affirming of, all people including those of different faith backgrounds, abilities, sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions.  The flag is a symbol we fly so that no one will have to wonder if they are welcome here.

What makes us different?  We know that church can be stuffy and boring.  We know it can seem irrelevant.  We know that many people have been hurt by churches in the past.  We strive to have fun, make worship interesting and engaging, and allow a safe space to hold all our doubts, questions, wonderings, hopes, and fears.

When do we worship?  Each Sunday we worship in person and via live-stream at, at 10am (9:00am Memorial Day through Labor Day).  Church School happens September through May during the 10am service.  Nursery care is offered year round.

In it all we strive to be a church that is locally engaged, broadly inclusive, and deeply relevant—not just on Sunday mornings, but every day of the week.  We invite you to join us in trying to make our world and our community a better place!

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