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Church School

Our traditional Church School program is offered during the 10:00am service from the Sunday after Labor Day until the Sunday before Memorial Day.  Our age-leveled program on Sunday mornings is for children three years of age through 7th grade.  Children begin the morning in worship with their families, and then depart for Church School after the Children’s Message (about 15-20 minutes into the 10:00am service). At that time, teachers meet their classes in the hallway just outside the sanctuary.  The first time your child(ren) attends Church School, we recommend that one parent/guardian accompany the child(ren) to the Barbara Phelps Christian Education Center (located behind the church building).  At that time, one of our teachers or the Director of Children and Youth Ministries will help to transition your child(ren) and will answer any questions you may have.  They will also provide some information to you about the program of Christian Education, including a registration form

Nursery Care

The nursery is open and available for parents to use during the 8:30am service, where a speaker allows those in the room to hear the worship service taking place in the sanctuary.

  • At 10:00am the Nursery is staffed with volunteers. The nursery is available for infants through children 2 years of age from the Sunday after Labor Day to the Sunday before Memorial Day. 

  • From Memorial Day to Labor Day the nursery is available for infants through children 5 years of age during our one worship service at 9:00am.

Goals for Nursery Ministry:

  • To help each child feel comfortable, secure and special.

  • To help each child learn to play and share with other children.

  • To help each child have positive feelings about coming to church.

  • To encourage the active participation of parents/guardians in worship, teaching and other church activities.


High School Assistants

Our High School students participate in our Church School as assistants to the teachers.  Dozens of High School students assist with our Church School and Nursery every year.  These youth are a vital and instrumental part of the success of our Church School program and have often shared that they learn at least as much during their time as an assistant as they did when they were students in Church School.  Many High School Assistants volunteer weekly, but we welcome all who wish to lend a hand. If interested, a High School Assistant should contact the Director of Children and Youth Ministries.


We seek to provide a safe, nurturing atmosphere for the smallest members of our church. Every attempt will be made to soothe a crying infant or child. In the event an infant/toddler cries inconsolably, the parent will be called to assist.  We hope that our loving care of your children will enable you to relax and enjoy the service.

Summer Programs - June, July & August

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, the Nursery is available for children five years and younger.  For children over five years of age, on many weeks we have “Summer Sunday activities” after the children’s message.  There are also activity bags provided for children to borrow during the service.  These can be picked up in the Narthex (just inside the front entrance of the building), and returned there at the conclusion of the service. 

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