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Be the Church Article Submissions

Be the Church may be a familiar saying for some of you.  Maybe it is because you've seen it on the flag outside the church or maybe it is something you feel is part of your own faith journey.  I am excited to announce our new weekly eNewsletter name - Be the Church!  

When we were able to worship in person the Faith in Action kept our congregation updated on the weekly events of the church in addition to being a platform to share member to member announcements.  Be the Church is a weekly enewsletter that will be sent out every Sunday morning.  It will include a calendar of events for that week in addition to any special announcements from committees or individuals.  Articles can be sent directly to Keri at or can be submitted through a button at the bottom of the newsletter itself.  if you have any questions please reach out to Keri directly.  All articles must be submitted by Wednesday at 12:00PM

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